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Hitler's reaction on the Aamir Liaquat Video

This is how Hitler reacts to the Aamir Liaquat video

The real face of Aamir Liaquat has been exposed. Watch the video that we have shared in order to witness one of the most deceitful people in Pakistan's history.
We need to bring this person down and boycott GEO Television if the need arises.

Aamir Liaquat Cursing, Abusing & Insulting people backstage. This is why MQM expelled him. Amir Liaquat shows his true side by using language which he says is not fit for use in actual life.

So the true or real face of Mr. Hussain was finally exposed. The footage here exposes him as a ''munafiq'' or a hypocrite. Sitting on his seat the so called esteemed naat khawan and cleric curses his media crew by using profanities and sings Indian songs in the presence of religious clerics or maulvis and even asks them about Bollywood movies.

He then goes on and barely maintians his laughter when someone asks him and a cleric a sexual question. The moment the camera cuts off the Dr. Liaquat is seen laughing hysterically when the cleric calls it a very nazuk(delicate) situation.

Now when you see his face on t.v what will you think about this man. A Fake, a hypocrite, or an actor ?

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